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The garden open every day from around 9am to 5pm (or as long as the allotment entrance gate is open)      No need to book or ask - just pop along there and relax...In Wellesbourne Village CV35 6NE

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An initiative from Heather Dowler (Formerly Brown), Oscar's Dementia Friendly Garden is a lovely peaceful place for Carers to take their Loved ones living with Dementia. You can relax there on informal seating, surrounded by a wonderful display of flowers and plants - all within the splendid Wellesbourne Countryside. Its an ideal place to visit and is located just off the main Wellesbourne to Kineton Road within the village - Please contact Heather and Paul for more information: 01295 688376 or email: 

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"OSCARS  (Over Sixties Community and Recreation Scheme) was a small voluntary group already working within wellesbourne village to promote well-being and reduce loneliness and isolation and so we decided to name the garden "Oscars" after this wonderful group. This voluntary group is not in place now, but the garden has since been taken over by my Husband Paul and myself to promote well-being for people living with dementia.

During its conception, it took the generosity of many people giving more than 250 voluntary hours and various organisations providing grants, to get the site ready for planting.

In June  2020. whilst out with one of my daughters I decided I should start planting and so I bought plants to make a start. It was at this stage I was told that "BBC country File" were filming on the allotments and they would like to include the dementia plot, if I was willing to talk to them. I saw this as an opportunity too good to miss! - So thanks to some kind donations, we have managed to create what I hope is a lovely garden full of colour, scents and sound. With an area for planting activities and growing. I have to thank Country file for giving me a deadline to finally get it done.

There have been lots of times over the past six years when things have been difficult. At times I really don’t know how I have managed to carry on. I have always felt that there was too little that I could do to help my husband Dave when he was ill, but in fact our dementia journey has given me so much personal experience and knowledge that I can now share this with others who are experiencing life with dementia and hopefully make their journeys a little easier."



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