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We (Heather and Paul) are quite often asked for information regarding the time-line progression of dementia. The simple answer is the fact that everyone seems to experience dementia differently. It is certain that factors such as age, type of dementia, other health issues and time of diagnosis can all have a bearing on how long that person will live with dementia.

The Alzheimer's Society have produced a fact sheet around the progression of dementia and you can download a current version here:

We would also like to encourage everyone living with dementia and their carers to contact the Dementia Connect Service in Warwickshire (previously known as the Dementia Navigator Service). This service is delivered by The Alzheimer's Society and supported by the local authority. You can talk directly to an experienced dementia advisor who can also arrange to come and visit you at your home. 

This service can offer you ongoing practical and emotional support alongside the support of local voluntary groups such as ourselves.

You can self-refer to Dementia Connect, by simply ringing the Dementia Connect national number and asking to be put in contact with a local dementia advisor 

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