For Help and Support, there are many avenues open to you:      

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Talk to your family...

Although it may seem difficult at times, try to share your feelings and concerns with family members.

Talk to an Organisation that has experience...

Alzheimers Society:           Alzheimer's Society's National Dementia Helpline     0333 150 3456      (Dementia Connect)

Age UK:                                             Age UK's Advice Line      0800 055 6112

Carers Direct:                                   Carers Direct helpline     0300 123 1053 

Carers UK:                                        Carers UK    0800 808 7777 

Care Companion:                  

Carers Trust - Warwickshire:

Dementia Carers Count:       

Dementia UK:                                  Dementia UK Admiral Nurse Dementia helpline    0800 888 6678 

Warwickshire Citizens Advice:

Warwickshire County Council:

Warwickshire Reminiscence Action Project:


Talk to other carers online...

Sharing your experiences with other carers can be a really helpful support as they will probably understand the difficulties that you are experiencing . You can also share your own tips and advice to help others.

"I have personally found the Alzheimers Talking Point Forum extremely beneficial".   - Paul

Carers UK Forum:            Carers UK forum

Alzheimers Society Forum:   Alzheimer's Society Talking Point forum

Dementia Working Group: 

Music Therapy:                          

If you're still struggling to cope...

It is very often difficult to talk about the stress and emotions involved with caring.

If you feel that you're not managing very well, please try to not feel guilty about it.

There is help and support available to you.

You may benefit from counselling or another talking therapy, which may be available online.

We recommend that you talk to your GP as soon as possible about your feelings.


Please Talk to your GP


Many Services available to you are only accessible via referral














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