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We strongly recommend that you register as a carer with Carers Trust. There is no charge for this service and by registering you will be entitled to 36 hours (per year) of support respite care from qualified carers

General enquiries

Tel: 02476 632972


Carers Trust Heart of England (Warwickshire)

9 Lawford Road
CV21 2DZ


Head office

6 Queen Victoria Road,
Tel: 02476 632972 option 1



Many carers tell us that, due to their caring commitments, they feel unable to attend GP or hospital appointments and often lose contact with wider family and friends, leading to feelings of loneliness and isolation.


Our CRESS team are able to offer FREE emergency and planned cover to help support carers in the Coventry and Warwickshire area to ensure that their health and wellbeing needs are met.

The service is FREE and available at short notice to carers who need emergency cover which could prevent a crisis occurring and relief for carers who want to ensure that they maintain relationships and have a life outside of caring.

The CRESS service
• offers peace of mind that the person you care for will be looked after if you aren’t able to,
• can support you to look after your health and wellbeing, knowing you can attend hospital and GP appointments for yourself and the person you care for will be looked after.

Speak to the CRESS team using the contact details to discuss how the service can support you.

Our Wellbeing service offers carers a safe environment to offload and seek expert advice, with an opportunity to join the many community groups and hubs throughout Coventry and Warwickshire. 


We have many specialist Wellbeing Advice Workers who can offer up-to-date information about local services and how to access them including; 

  • information on accessing local Health and Social Care services

  • assistive technology

  • money and benefits (Signposting)

  • national and local organisations 

  • Wellbeing Assessments (Warwickshire)

  • Carers Assessments (Coventry)

  • emergency planning

  • peer support 

We are continually building on our excellent reputation and will continue to work harder to ensure we deliver the service to identify and support more family carers.

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